Care and respect for our heritage
The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain was born of the desire to tell everybody all about the wonderful villages dotted around our beautiful country. Places of great beauty, rich in both history and culture, whose traditions envelop the traveller as they mix with the locals to become part of this unique setting even if only for a few moments.
Through this website, we aim to promote rural areas and small municipalities, along with the different initiatives undertaken by the association, also employing the internet, press or other means of communication.
The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain Association does not have or seek any political interest. It will however lobby for the involvement of the different administrations in supporting, caring for and respecting our heritage, as well as promoting cultural events associated with our villages.
Based on the above, it is clear that on this website you will find a selection of villages and small towns that stand out in terms of their quality, excellence and - of course - beauty. We would like to encourage you to visit the selected villages, but also to actively participate in this website with your opinions and ideas, so that we can continue to build on this project and feed back to the villages through our contacts in the local councils.
village certification criteria
The best selection
Population below 15,000 inhabitants
Certified architectural or natural heritage
Preservation of facades Limited circulation of vehicles
Care of flowers and green areas Cleaning and maintenance
Brand and Logo of the Association
The brand name The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain is a seal of quality, representing a prestigious national and international benchmark for rural tourism and heritage conservation. Possession of the label means that the Village in question meets criteria regarding quality, beauty and tourist accessibility that are sure to satisfy even the most demanding visitor.
Use of The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain trademark is governed by regulations. Any use of the trademark that falls outside the parameters established in the regulations of use may result in legal consequences for those responsible. The logotype and brand name of The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain constitute a Registered Trademark whose copy, use or reproduction in any physical or digital medium without the prior written authorisation of its owners is totally prohibited.
Criteria for Village Selection
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